What is Osteopathy?

Treatment is aimed at reducing pain and discomfort, allowing a progressive return to normal levels of activity through treatment and advice on rehabilitation.It is an established system of diagnosis and treatment which focuses on the structural functioning and integrity of the body.

Lifestyle factors such as work posture and leisure activities are considered alongside the musculo-skeletal assessment to enable a full and comprehensive diagnosis of your body mechanics.

First consultation (1 hour) Adult – £40.00 Under 18 – £35.00

Subsequent treatments (30 mins) Adults – £35.00 Under 18 – £30.00

One hour appointments are available on request – £45

Cranial Osteopathy

This is a very gentle system of techniques within Osteopathy which may be better suited for some patients with certain complaints. It consists of the practitioner placing their hands gently on certain areas of the body, mainly the head and sacrum, to identify areas of restriction, and following the subtle internal pulls of the membranes and fluid until points of resistance are met and ultimately released.

By restoring balance and symmetry, and improving mobility within, the Osteopath will enable the release of not only recent injuries, but also other chronic consolidated patterns of physical and emotional traumas which have accumulated in the body over time.

It also acts as an interface between the physical body and the emotional nature. Therefore, providing a means of releasing built-up tension from long established, deeply embedded psycho-emotional trauma. Treatment will hopefully bring about well being in both body and mind.

Overall, most patients feel that gradually the tension is being drawn out of their body, becoming deeply relaxed. Patients often report an improvement in general well being, energy levels, sleep patterns and also in areas of symptoms other than those which brought them to the Osteopath in the first place.