Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to enhance well being.
Essential oils are extracted from plant material. Carefully blended by the therapist with a carrier oil, they produce an aromatic and therapeutic massage oil tailored to the needs of the individual.
As a treatment, it is applied to the body through massage which promotes relaxation and allows the body time to repair and the mind time to rest.
Massage is suitable for nearly everyone from one month old upwards.
A free consultation is carried out on the first occasion so that any problems can be discussed.
Well being and self care should be at the forefront of our minds after a year of lock downs and devastating statistics. Give your mind and body the time and space to relax, make space for you!
Deep Cleanse Facial
Almond and oats are used as an exfoliant, warm wet towels are applied to the skin and refreshing citrus oil is added to the water. Cleansing the pores is followed by a soothing massage using essential oils. Finally a natural mask is applied and you can drift away listening to soothing music.
Hot Stone Massage
Heated basalt stones are used to warm and work on muscles. The smooth stones are held in the palm of therapists hand to massage away tension and pain. A wonderful treatment that can reach deep in to the muscle tissue. A must for a special treat.
Full Body Massage – £45.00
Back Massage – £30.00
Deep Cleanse Facial – £ 40.00
Hot Stone Massage – £55.00
Warm Bamboo Stick Massage -£55.00