Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling

Are you unhappy in your relationship? Can’t get over an affair? Can’t
get through to your partner? Wish you could sort yourself out? How is
your sex life?

Coming to counselling as a couple means that you are putting aside
time to focus on your relationship, with someone who is respectful, non
judgemental and both qualified and experienced in dealing with
relationship problems. It has the advantage of being away from
distractions and in a neutral place.

Counselling / Therapy can help you to:

Understand what has got ‘stuck’ and how this happened.

Explore feelings, including anger and hurt.

Discover how assumptions can get in the way of talking.

Communicate more effectively.

A better understanding of yourself, your family and your relationships.

Recover from painful events.

Reassess your life and make appropriate changes.

The majority of our counsellors who see couples are Relate trained or have other relevant accredited couples therapy training.

Cost – £60.00