Children and Adolescents Counselling

Children and Adolescents Counselling
Parents need to feel secure about who to consult when seeking counselling for their children. Counsellors should have received relevant training and be up to date with all current legislation relating to the care and protection of young people. Additionally they must have received a ‘police-check’,to show that they have no history of any criminal act relating to young people. Counsellors at St Barnabas house who work in this area comply with all the above requirements.
We are fortunate to have a very talented specialist counsellor for younger children who has her own, well equipped, play therapy room at St. Barnabas House.
Counsellors for young children in this part of Kent are few and far between and the waiting list to see them is lengthy. So not surprisingly, she is very much in demand but we have so far managed to avoid a waiting list.
We also have two other counsellors with wide experience of working with children of secondary school age. A wide range of issues can be dealt with including anger management, bullying, school refusal etc.
The fee is £60.00